The Founder

Lea Constan

A scientist by origin, Canadian founder Léa Constan was awakened to her passion for textile arts while wandering through the depths of Asia and encountering its staggering array of textile art forms. This experience moved and compelled Léa, igniting a desire to create something truly outstanding.

Upon returning home, Léa shut herself into her workspace, and concentrated her efforts on the elaboration of textile patterns. With inspired fingers, and through the engagement of her methodical, scientific mind, Léa became skilled in the technique which lies at the basis of her scarves’ truly original appearance. The result, a design characterized by visually striking and unusual patterns, also emanates an unmistakably high standard of quality.

In reflection upon her journey from scientist to textile artist, Léa acknowledges that her attraction to the textile arts perhaps isn’t such a surprise after all. Coming from a family of conscientious Greek craftsmen on the one hand, and with skilled French weavers on the other, Léa is certainly supported by a deeply rooted lineage of creative and dedicated innovators.

Also infused into her creations, is Léa’s philosophy about life. She lives by the belief that we should strive to exist in conscious acknowledgement of our interconnectedness as human beings, while also celebrating our individual uniqueness. It’s through the discovery and activation of our unique contributions, Léa believes, that we can collectively generate renewed possibilities that keep our world diverse and stimulating. Léa considers her scarves to be her own unique contribution.